SEM-13013 Satin Gloss Clear Color Coat 12oz AerosolZoom

SEM-13013 Satin Gloss Clear Color Coat 12oz Aerosol

Item# SEM-13013
SEM-13013 Satin Gloss Clear 12oz Aerosol

   Color Coat™ is a specialty elastomeric coating formulated to restore or change the color of most vinyl surfaces, flexible and rigid plastics, carpet and velour. Color Coat is not a dye, but a fade resistant flexible and permanent coating.

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Watch the How To Video Watch the How To Video                   Plastic & Vinyl refinish proceedure Plastic & Vinyl refinish proceedure!

OEM Recommended, Enhance automotive carpet and velour. Superior adhesion, flexibility, and hiding and will not crack. Quick drying and simple to use.

Apply on Vinyl, Plastic, Carpet, Velour, Properly prepped and primed metal.

Approximate Coverage: 10 sq. ft.
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