FUS-110B Lord Fusor Metal Bonding Adhesive (Fast) 225ml CartridgeZoom

FUS-110B Lord Fusor Metal Bonding Adhesive (Fast) 225ml Cartridge

Item# LFUS-110B
Fusor® 110B adhesive is a two-component, acrylic-based metal bonding adhesive offering faster cure time than typical panel bonding adhesives. Fusor 110B adhesive can be used for patch panel bonding and weld bonding of properly prepared dissimilar metals, cab corners, panel sections and aluminum trailer repair patches.

Features and Benefits:

• Snap Cure – provides fast room temperature cure, resulting in reduced cycle times.

• Versatile – bonds a variety of metal, including steel and aluminum; no welding required; can be riveted and resistance welded.

• Environmentally Resistant – acrylic chemistry provides excellent corrosion protection over epoxy adhesives.

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