HOC-BC13 Q01 House of Kolor "Meteor Maroon II" Quart base coat.Zoom

HOC-BC13 Q01 House of Kolor "Meteor Maroon II" Quart base coat.

Item# HOC-BC13-Q01
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   Our Glamour Metallic bases may be cleared for a final finish, or used as a basecoat underneath Kandies. Due to their unique chemistry they may be top- coated with either acrylic lacquer or urethane enamel topcoat. Our Shimrin Basecoat products are co-polymered urethane systems designed to behave like a lacquer while offering the performance of a urethane. The best of both worlds!

* Made with only the highest-graded metallics and pearls for exceptional brilliance.

* Use organic pigments instead of the oxides normally used in collision repair systems; our pigments produce much cleaner more vibrant colors.

* Often achieve two to three -coat coverage when using the correct ground coat color.

* Extremely fast drying, reducing time between coats or taping for graphic.

* Special chemistry: self-orienting metallics and pearls don?t streak or blotch, and keep their orientation when cleared.

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