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HOC-MBC04 Q01 HOUSE OF KOLOR Shimrin Metajuls Basecoats "PRISM EFFECT" Quart
HOC-MBC04 Q01 HOUSE OF KOLOR Shimrin Metajuls Basecoats "PRISM EFFECT" Quart


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    Shimrin® MBC Metajuls™ Metallic Bases are our most brilliant metallic basecoats that feature exceptional sparkle and brightness. Metajuls™ are available in four unique colors and three flake particle sizes. Pale Gold, Platinum, and Black Diamond are excellent choices for Kandy finishes, while the Prism Effect produces an amazing rainbow effect. When used as a basecoat, MBC01 creates bright dazzling Kandy colors, while MBC03 can create dark rich Kandy colors. MBC02 is a medium color used to slightly darken Kandy colors. All three make Kandys with exceptional sparkle in sunlight. They may also be used for a final finish. Due to their unique chemistry make-up, they may be top coated with either acrylic lacquer or urethane enamel. Once a system is chosen (acrylic lacquer or urethane enamel) use only products within that system. Intermixing of these two systems, after the base coat, is not recommended. For example: If Shimrin® Base is top coated with an acrylic lacquer Kandy, it must also be cleared with an acrylic lacquer clear.